Pure Lead Plus long-life batteries.
 When it comes to choosing a battery for your data center, you want a solution with lots of plus sides. That's where Pure Lead Plus delivers. They're engineered from the ground up for superior performance, endurance and cost savings.


In fact, you can cut your battery quantity by nearly 40 percent. That translates into a smaller physical and environmental footprint, not to mention lower maintenance, cooling, and replacement costs. Read on and learn more about the Power of the Plus.

Get the power of the + for your data center.

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Lower Battery Replacement Costs

+ Reduce battery replacement costs by as much as 40% over traditional VRLA batteries with our patented pure lead alloy.*.

+ Designed specifically for safely handling sub-5 minutes of runtime without sacrificing long term performance.


Reduce Your UPS Footprint

+Requires up to 40% fewer batteries than leading competitors.

+ Reduce cabinet space required for your desired runtime by up to 28%.


Reach Your Sustainability Goals

+ PLP batteries allow you to run your data center at a higher temperature, saving money on cooling costs and helping to achieve your sustainability goals.

+ Our batteries are 98% recyclable.

*Assumes a replacement cycle based on standard warranty of three years for VRLA and five years for PLP over a 15 year shelf life.

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